About Rene

René has been designing stuff since he was about 4 years young. It all started with Lego's back then, his mom got a small lego kit from a Velveeta cheese offer for him and then he was hooked! 

 He has been in action sports for years, starting  back in the 80's with bikes and then kept on going, designing and selling  inline skate stuff, then wake boards, snowboards, skateboards, longboard skateboards, electric scooters, kickscooters, pet products and now this ;)

He has been flying RC and driving RC since his first gas powered Cox Blaster in the 70's first time it cranked up he was about 8 and scared to death as it was so loud, but he got hooked into motorized stuff.

From then on he was hooked on RC, fast forward to 2014' René get's back into RC this time Copters ( drones ) builds his Tcopter from Simplecotper, puts a gopro on it that he had, gets hooked, decides to go to the Baja 1000, knowing it gets very windy in Baja, talks with Matt founder of Simplecopter, buy's a Vtail and hit's the races.

Now he's hooked on shooting from the sky, as he's always been one to shoot picts of extreme sports dating back to age 10. Fly's to China in April of 2014' making an appointment with a Co that makes some gopro accessories, while at an RC show in Shenzhen meets some kool people, one of them makes RC car parts. Talks with him about an idea he has for an alloy hand held device to stabilize video similar to what he's used for Drones. 14 months developing these two products and adding many others along the way Renic is born!

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