Multi Rotor Heli Pad Coroplast Landing/Launch Pad

$ 20.99

Heli Landing Launch pad is made of 10mm coroplast ( think what many real estate signs are made of, we use 3 times thicker ) we also put 3/8" grommets at all four corners (use your own tent stakes or large nails to secure to the ground) and this will let you take off and land on many surfaces like sand, dirt, grass etc.
Keeps your props from hitting objects, whipping up dust, dirt, sand etc.
Yes we do hand launch at times but not always the best way and or not SAFE for sure. This is the safest way, you also look like a Total PRO using these launch/landing pads!
We offer a 100% money back guarantee, you get this and you use it the first time, you don't like it,  send back within 1 week and you get 100% of your purchase price back! ( you are only out the shipping you payed).
International ORDERS, yes we can do it on a case by case. If you have a verified PayPal!  You must email us with your address info and what you would like to order then we will do the math and let you know the total price. Sorry about the hassle but it's a bit tricky sending to some countries!
Keep in mind using this item, you must use common sense. Do not use this without attaching it to the ground, we provide 4 grommets on the corners you must anchor them down, you can use many things, tent stakes, super long nails, all easy to buy at hardware store or even like a walmart.
Size 3'x3' flat and folds to 18"x36", the 12"x12" doesn't fold, and the 2'x2' we can make folding if you want select that option on the 2x2 if you want it.